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Widespread use of panel cooling/heating (floor pipe coils, wall- and ceiling-mounted panels) allows Uponor engineers to develop passive cooling system that operates without a compressor.

An important condition for effective use of passive cooling is an excellent thermal insulation of your building.

The temperature of ground 2-3 m deep does not rise above +12 …+13oC, even in the hottest summer month. This is enough to cool the water circulating through pipes integrated into the floor, walls and ceiling to provide comfort cooling inside rooms in summer. It runs successfully without any refrigeration unit (heat pump, air conditioner), and all it needs is just a pump group and a set of automation. This concept was implemented by specialists of Uponor.

EPG 6 пасивне охолодження

Uponor offers the first integrated solution for passive cooling without a heat pump — pump group EPG 6 with adjustable dew point temperature and sets of geothermal coils. This pump group can operate in a common scheme with existing boilers, incl. gas-, oil- or wood-fired. This solution is much cheaper than a heat pump with active cooling and consumes only 3% of the energy costs for a traditional split system of similar cooling capacity. Cooling panels (pipe coils) can be mounted under floor, on walls or on ceilings. You can use Uponor ComfortTouch systems, Uponor gypsum panels installed in ceiling, or Uponor Minitec installation system for floors, or Siccus system (for floors and walls).

Pump group EPG 6 consists of one energy-efficient circulating pump (Grundfos Alpha 2L 25-60, energy efficiency class «A»), compact heat exchanger, three-way mixing valve (kvs 7) and C46 controller. EPG 6 allows to connect up to 6 wireless humidity sensors in different rooms. Passive cooling, as energy efficient form of cooling, is possible only with external ground coils, incl. ones proposed by Uponor (code 355489). The nonfreezing liquid circulating through ground coils, provides cooling to the secondary circuit (with water) by dint of the heat exchanger in EPG 6 pump group.

EPG 6 pump group for passive cooling

According to ISO 7730 standards, the recommended floor surface temperature should not be below +20°C. During extremely high outdoor temperatures it is recommended to set the temperature of cooling surfaces near +26°C.

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